Today's New Yorker Daily Cartoon: Town Crier


This one may well take the record for longest New Yorker cartoon caption ever... 
This caption is, by the way, verbatim. We have not altered this actual speech by President Trump at all. The poor proof-readers and fact checkers at the New Yorker had to parse it word for word. Thank you, team. (The rough I pitched is here.)

As always, you can hear Scott Dooley and I coming up with these silly gags on our weekly podcast, Is There Something In This?





*Update: Michael Maslin reliably informs me that we've been, once again, pipped by that untalented amateur cartoonist, Peter Arno! *Shakes fist at sky*

"I'm almost positive the Nov 18, 1933 caption by Peter Arno still holds the title for the longest print caption, but it's very possible you hold the online caption record. Congratz!"

Here is the Arno toon in question, courtesty Mr. Maslin:



.....bit wordy, mate.