Good For You! A Comedy show in Brooklyn

Last weekend I got to perform on what I think is easily the best comedy show in Brooklyn, co-produced by the very funny Ian Hunt. Ian and I also got to collaborate on a crazy one-pager in the up-coming April 16 issue. Check out his podcast “Suicide Pact” with his girlfriend and fellow comic, Catherine Zini.

If you're ever looking for a guaranteed good night of comedy, book ahead. He had me on his show last weekend and it was madness. So much fun. (Photography by Mindy Tucker)

Appearing on Nightmares with Emily Flake and Kate Willett

Hey friends!
If you’re a fan of Emily Flake’s great cartoons in The New Yorker and Kate Willett’s hilarious stand up on Netflix/Comedy Central, you’ll enjoy their joint live show “Nightmares”. I’ll be a guest on the 02/11 show along with the brilliant Carole Montgomery, John Hodgman, Kenice Mobley and Jenny Boylan.
It’s free, doors 6:30 for 7. Details on Flyer below.
Would love to see you there!

Show Poster: Picture This!



This week's show poster was for an awesome show called Picture This! It's a great show that combines my two loves; Comedy and Cartooning.

A comedian gets up on stage to perform, and has a giant projector screen behind them, where an animator/cartoonist's drawings are projected live on stage based on what the comic is talking about.   I've done the last couple of shows as a cartoonist, but I also had the pleasure of being part of Picture This! in its infancy when it came to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival back in 2013. I would finish up my solo show every night then come up to the Tuxedo Cat and draw live for Picture This with epic comedy guests. It's a lot of fun to be part of- and even more fun to watch.   It's now a super-popular show all over the country that sells out every month. I'd highly recommend you check it out! Book your tickets at