Show Poster: Picture This!



This week's show poster was for an awesome show called Picture This! It's a great show that combines my two loves; Comedy and Cartooning.

A comedian gets up on stage to perform, and has a giant projector screen behind them, where an animator/cartoonist's drawings are projected live on stage based on what the comic is talking about.   I've done the last couple of shows as a cartoonist, but I also had the pleasure of being part of Picture This! in its infancy when it came to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival back in 2013. I would finish up my solo show every night then come up to the Tuxedo Cat and draw live for Picture This with epic comedy guests. It's a lot of fun to be part of- and even more fun to watch.   It's now a super-popular show all over the country that sells out every month. I'd highly recommend you check it out! Book your tickets at