The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer


Back in 2010, Sophie and I sat in a dark, tiny little theatre in precisely middle-of-nowhere, Adelaide and watched one of the best shows we've ever seen.

Soph had already seen it a bunch of times, having been performing at the Fringe Festival for a week already by the time I'd got there. She didn't tell me anything about the show but insisted I watch it as soon as I land in Adelaide.

I went to the theatre straight from the airport. My friends from Perth, Tim and Arielle had just put it together in 2009 and within a year had taken it from the Blue Room in Perth to New York Int'l Fringe after an idea from a workshop at Spare Parts in Freo.

The show was masterful, ingenious, brilliant and the story has stayed with me all these years.

Fast forward nearly 10 years: I'm now watching the show at Lincoln Centre in New York, performed by the very talented St John Cowcher and Sam Longley. The show is a masterpiece and is just as effective all these years later.

I hope it runs for 100 years. Congratulations to the whole talented gang at The Last Great Hunt and if you see the show pop up in any programming near you, make a point to go and see it.