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Drawn from Valor live drawing event at Blick New York

Just finished a 4-hour live drawing event raising money and awareness PTSD victims through Drawn from Valor at Blick Art Materials in New York. Thanks to everyone for coming! Especially the clever little artist who brought up a great little gag drawing she did of a puffer-fish pretending to be a shark to impress the ladies... Hilarious!

Great fun for a great cause. The live stream video is over on the Drawn from Valor Facebook page.

Today's New Yorker Daily Cartoon: Mo-cap Melania!

As seen on today’s

On the back of the renewed #FakeMelania conspiracy… hear me and Scott Dooley coming up with this one in this week’s episode of Is There Something In This? below…

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Bonus material!

Here’s the rough I sent in for this toon:

6 Duck Salads: A Cartoonist Lunch with Gus Van Sant

Last month I was invited to have lunch with a bunch of New Yorker cartoonists and the film director, Gus Van Sant. Gus directed of some of the greatest films of the past 20 years: "Good Will Hunting", "Milk", "Drugstore Cowboy", and has just released another brilliant film about the cartoonist John Callahan, "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot."

The invitation came from the Cartoon Editor of the New Yorker, Emma Allen, at our weekly Tuesday cartoon meeting. I was flattered to be asked, and to say the lunch was surreal is an understatement. I was more starstruck by some of the other cartoonists who showed up than I was by Gus!

The lunch took place at the decades-long traditional weekly 'cartoonists lunch' which usually takes place following the Tuesday cartoon meeting at the New Yorker. We shuffle up to Pergola Del Artistes in the Theatre District and talk shop over duck salad and cheap red wine.

My tablecloth sketch of Sam Gross.


6 of us ordered the gigantic duck salad and noshed away as Sam Gross held court, telling stories of his experience with Callahan and with other New Yorker cartoonists. Gossip and scandal aplenty! At one point I scribbled a quick portrait of Sam on the tablecloth and pitched a gag caption for one of his cartoons to a tableful of eye-rolls. Emma wrote up the goings-on at the lunch in this week's New Yorker in the "Talk of The Town" section.

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Meditation in New York

When I first moved to New York I lived in Inwood. There’s a 20-minute block of time between 125th street and Columbus Circle on the A-train where I used to meditate to pass the time. I came out of the meditation drooling more than once.
It was the A train. I fit right in.

I've been meditating since 2013, which is nearly 5 years now. It's changed a lot of my brain wiring. Sure, it means sometimes I'm that annoying guy talking about meditation, but I'll cop that.
I wrote about it back in 2014. I'm sure there's more I could write about it now, but for the moment, here it is:

The Art of Not Doing Anything for 20 Minutes.

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