Behind The Curtain, Photographic Exhibition


There's a great feature on a photographic exhibition of Australian comedians backstage before their shows by Photobat in tomorrow's Weekend Australian Magazine. (I'm in it -Woo!)

The exhibition launches officially on Monday 31st March at the Melbourne Arts Centre. Be sure to go down and take a look throughout the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Featured in the exhibition: Jason Chatfield, Danny McGinlay, Watson (Tegan Higginbotham and Adam McKenzie), Adam Hills, Judith Lucy, Denise Scott, Tom Ballard, Joel Creesy, Nick Cody, Sammy J, Richard McKenzie, Ben McKenzie, Josh Thomas, Claire Hooper, Tripod, Elbowskin, Ali McGregor's Late Night Variety Nite, Josh Earl, Ben Lomas, Frank Woodley, Shane Dundas, Dave Thornton, Luke McGregor, Xavier Micheledis, Anne Edmonds, Laura Hughes, Asher Treleven, Lawrence Leung, John Conway and David Quirk.

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