Drawn from Valor live drawing event at Blick New York

Just finished a 4-hour live drawing event raising money and awareness PTSD victims through Drawn from Valor at Blick Art Materials in New York. Thanks to everyone for coming! Especially the clever little artist who brought up a great little gag drawing she did of a puffer-fish pretending to be a shark to impress the ladies... Hilarious!

Great fun for a great cause. The live stream video is over on the Drawn from Valor Facebook page.

Appearing on Nightmares with Emily Flake and Kate Willett

Hey friends!
If you’re a fan of Emily Flake’s great cartoons in The New Yorker and Kate Willett’s hilarious stand up on Netflix/Comedy Central, you’ll enjoy their joint live show “Nightmares”. I’ll be a guest on the 02/11 show along with the brilliant Carole Montgomery, John Hodgman, Kenice Mobley and Jenny Boylan.
It’s free, doors 6:30 for 7. Details on Flyer below.
Would love to see you there!

Episode #24: Slighted by an Eskimo

We're doing a live pod! 10/7, 7pm at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn
Book online:

Another cracking episode of Is There Something In This?, discussing things like…

  • Jason gets detained at Heathrow

  • Flying from New York to Melbourne for a football game

  • Ice addict at a parole hearing

  • Golders Green is a sh_thole

  • Halloween Mask Burglars

  • I could sooner organise a robbery than brunch

  • Tragedy Plus Time Equals Comedy (Cellar Appearance)

  • Mushroomdick soup

  • Ernie and Bert-hday New Yorker cartoon

  • Arguing with strangers about the sexual orientation of puppets

  • Querying meal service in detention

  • Inuit Airlines

  • Merlin has written a tell-all parchment

  • Instagrammar Nazi

  • Courtroom Caricaturist

    ...and of course your wonderful listener suggestions. Be sure to send yours in via DM to @jasonchatfield on Instagram.


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