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Talking MAD on NPR

Click above to listen to the interview on NPR on “AirTalk with Larry Mantle” from today, Monday July 8 2019.
I was interviewed along with Tom Richmond, Marty Dundics, Kit Lively and a slew of other artists, writers and call-ins.
Southern California Public Radio  (NPR Los Angeles)

The End of an Era

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The contributors of MAD received an email yesterday detailing the plan for the 67 year-old iconic MAD Magazine’s wind-down. After issue #10 (the numbers were set to 0 after the reboot in California) the magazine will no longer publish any new content from contributors. It will run old content with new covers, publish collections and special collections only.

I can’t say it was a big surprise, but it’s a devastating blow in a year that has already seen a morbid downturn in opportunities for cartoonists.

I’m still gathering my thoughts on this, so stay tuned. Dropping the news the day before July 4th seems like a very deliberate move on DC Entertainment’s part in a hope to bury the story.

I sincerely hope that is not the case.

A Chatfield/Hunt Full-pager in MAD #8, flying off your local newsstand now!

A Chatfield/Hunt Full-pager in MAD #8, flying off your local newsstand now!

Keep a less-than-keen eye out in the next issue of MAD magazine for a jolly old cartoon by yours truly and the very funny Ian Hunt.

Ian and I met doing stand-up in New York and he’s been writing for MAD for just over a year now. It was a lot of fun collaborating with him and the team at MAD on this crazy one-pager.

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