Today's New Yorker Daily Cartoon: Complaining about the cold

Mine and @Scottdool’s cartoon in The New Yorker on this chilly Tuesday...

Funny story! I got the ‘ok’ on this one while I was on set of Doodle Wars this past June. I was sitting around between takes with Hilary F. Campbell and, tired as hell, we both filled the time drawing to stay awake. I inked it in on my sketchbook before getting called away to finish the show.

Actual interesting part of the story: When this cartoon was first pitched, it was June and people were just starting to complaining about the heatwave that had just engulfed New York after a particularly frosty spring. So, the original cartoon was actually reversed. Here’s the rough:

After it had sat in the drawer at the New Yorker for the Summer (In comedy, timing is everything… same with publishing cartoons!) I decided I might switch the gag around and re-send the artwork to use when Fall decided to snap into place.

Sure enough, I woke this morning at 7am to draw up the rest of my batch and felt that fresh bite on my toes. I had a feeling we might see this cartoon today…

You can hear Scott and I coming up with this one in an earlier episode of Is There Something in This? A weekly podcast where we come up with New Yorker cartoons. Available wherever you subscribe to pods.

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