al jaffee

Al Jaffee turns 95, Inducted into Guinness Book of World Records, NYC Mayor Decrees March 30 Al Jaffee Day, Huge party thrown at Sardi's in New York... (whew!)

Tonight I'm incredibly lucky to have been invited to celebrate the 95th birthday of the longest-serving of MAD's Usual Gang of Idiots, creator of the world-famous MAD fold-in and the writer of more snappy answers to stupid questions than you could dream of... the great Al Jaffee.

So he had a big party at Sardi's restaurant off Broadway, where all the great cartoonists and friends and usual gang of idiots came to celebrate.


(MAD's Sam Viviano presents one of the early original Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions from DC's archives)

The the Guinness Book of World Records (in attendance) made a special presentation announcing Jaffee as having the longest career as a comics artist in the history of Earth. Ever.


Then New York Mayor Bill de Blassio officially had this whole speech about Jaffee's contribution to the world, and moreover New York City.... He then declared March 30th, "AL JAFFEE DAY".


Guys. It's Al Jaffee day. He has a day named after him, by official decree now. ...Then Sergio Aragones made a video singing Al a happy birthday.


Then Stan Lee sent in a video congratulating Al on his life and career, and recalled some of the properties they worked on back in the day.


Okay. so anyway, I figured it might be appropriate to draw Al his very own hand-made fold-in birthday card! Turns out it's way harder than it looks... And it looks insanely hard.


Anyway here's how it turned out.


Happy Birthday, Jaffee!


Here's the official MAD MAgazine post detailing the night with much better photos.