Soccer / Football Fan Caricature


The brief for this caricature was:

He's a builder, soccer player (Chelsea supporter), loves BBQing and cooking wood-fired pizzas, and has recently taken up cycling. Was thinking at he would be standing over a BBQ, with an apron on. The apron has the words "The Camp Camper".

Around his waist is a tool belt, but with tongs, spatulas, knives, forks etc. Maybe a hammer as well. Could still have a pencil behind his ear. It wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't wearing any pants under his apron, which could be seen via a reflection in a window.

Maybe in the background is his house which is crooked / poorly made. He was recently awarded the Western Australian Building Profession of the Year.

On his arm or shoulder is a tattoo – "O.G", which has a line through it, and "G.G" below it.

A lot of fun to draw.