MAD Magazine: American Education Express!

ITSIT between episodes:
Early Wednesday morning when the huge scandal broke about college tuition bribes, I was racing South, bleary-eyed in the back of an Uber to Red Hook. I had my laptop open, and Scott and I were messaging back and forth about how to tackle the joke for the New Yorker or MAD. At one point Scott observed that the USC mascot/logo was the same-looking guy as the American Express card guy. I said ‘what if it’s the American Express Card with the USC guy but it’s “American Education Express” — never leave home without it.”

The NYer passed on the idea, (opting for an hilarious cartoon by Ellis J Rosen) but we were lucky to have MAD pick it up. I hastily threw together a rough sketch/design in the back of the Uber to pitch it, and the MAD Art Department did their magic on the rest.

Here is the rough:

aaaaaand here is the finished product that ran on MAD on Thursday: