Episode #40: Goth at a Kid's Party

April 9th @ Caveat, New York City: Special Mystery Guest Tix: http://bit.ly/ITSITApril9

Welcome back to another episode of Is There Something In This? with your old mates Scott Dooley and Jason Chatfield.

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  • Brand new sweater

  • Jason wears Steve Jobs 

  • Your body isn’t weird enough for a sample sale. 

  • Wonky body

  • Little thin Dad legs

  • After she was shot, she wanted to go back to school 

  • Queens night spot

  • Women of a certain age comedy, Fran Drescher

  • Even Ariana does promo

  • Bumping mics

  • Phone seal

  • Goth at a kids party

  • Honey there’s another Morrissey here

  • Sophie’s hates a waitress

  • Rich and Brave 

  • The riddle of Scott Dooley

  • Placebo dentist drugs

  • Everyone in Gilmore girls talks like their leaving a voicemail for another character

  • This will hurt slightly less than being lied to about the amount you floss. 

  • No plaque, no tarter, no collusion

  • A shark started this rumor

  • Melatonin for birds

  • Two homing pigeons asking for directions. 

  • Glamorous corpses

  • Cruise ship comedians

  • Back to the middling pod

  • I think I could be friends with JZ

  • Mr Z and his wife drinking lemonade

  • A lightbulb with a mustache

  • But I’m a night light

  • “Im sorry I was still in airplane mode”

  • Florida man challenge 

  • Worst avenger

  • Hasn’t slept since Easter '86

  • Mostly right now I teach yoga

  • Noodle shop - Pho Pas

  • Shakespeare - dude this is lit

  • The worst of your personality

  • Surprise party and a fancy dress party

  • Victory party in the dark

  • I believe that I ordered the vegan.

  • In case of national emergency break glass

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