Episode #35: The MoMa Murders

Welcome back to another episode of Is There Something In This? with your old mates Scott Dooley and Jason Chatfield.

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April 9th @ Caveat, NYC - Special Mystery Guest Tix: Caveat.nyc

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This week:

  • Jason is sick in the body

  • Feel like a dog

  • Parallel thinking sizzle

  • Plane crash cannibalism

  • Asking for a thousand anals

  • Zoo Animal Escapes

  • Will McPhail's poses

  • Ms Controversy

  • Dools can't Dunk

  • Other National Emergencies

  • Thief or Home contents aggregator

  • Death on vacation

  • Dools would be mates with Jay Z

  • Cat working in an office

  • The long goodbye with a pizza guy

  • Superheroes giving directions

  • Sunk Cost Bias

  • Pop-up stores

  • Costhumously

  • Cruise Gin

  • Juuling Banjos

  • Vapists

  • PSA: You Can't Do an Australian Accent

  • Penultimate White at a wedding

  • Keith Haring Chalk Outline Guy

  • Artists before they were famous

  • The MoMa Murders

  • Suggestions this week:

  • Steve Fabricant, Comedy Cellar Manager and his vegan chicken dinner

  • Alex Knowlman and his pointless robot assistants, feat/ The. most. 2019. sentence. ever. written.

  • Ed Steckley's selfie-galleries

  • Mona Lisa with Snapchat filter

  • More Gilmore Girls Chat

  • Justin Gillett's Dogwhistle idea

  • Court Carthy's Cat Monetisation Plan

  • Toby the pig - This is my year!

  • Thanks to @jimmypatch for his illustrations of our episodes!

  • @k89kelly and her hair of the dog salon

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