Episode #24: Slighted by an Eskimo

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Another cracking episode of Is There Something In This?, discussing things like…

  • Jason gets detained at Heathrow

  • Flying from New York to Melbourne for a football game

  • Ice addict at a parole hearing

  • Golders Green is a sh_thole

  • Halloween Mask Burglars

  • I could sooner organise a robbery than brunch

  • Tragedy Plus Time Equals Comedy (Cellar Appearance)

  • Mushroomdick soup

  • Ernie and Bert-hday New Yorker cartoon

  • Arguing with strangers about the sexual orientation of puppets

  • Querying meal service in detention

  • Inuit Airlines

  • Merlin has written a tell-all parchment

  • Instagrammar Nazi

  • Courtroom Caricaturist

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