Episode #10: Pardon Me President

20180605 - MAD - Pardon Me President.jpg

Another episode of Is There Something In This has just unceremoniously plopped into the world and it's yet another pearler if we do say so ourselves.

The hot-button topics we address this time around are as follows:

Steve and Aziz at the Comedy Cellar,
Library of Content,
Spirit Animal Pet Cemetery,
First class deaths,
Passengers named Greg,
Town Criers,
Is Melania conspiracy theories,
Pardon me President,
Susan in HR,
Ruin Your Life Package,
Fire- Will it scale,
Guru Bot,

and of course your wonderful listener suggestions... including the very funny Mum, Carmel.

Bonus Material:

1. Interview with The Walkley Magazine:
β€˜Is there something in this?’ β€” The quest of two Aussies to get a cartoon in the New Yorker:

2. Here's a picture of Steve at the Comedy Cellar trying to work out his own baffling cartoon...

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 3.50.40 PM.png


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