Drawing in the style of Hirschfeld

This week I got a strange/fantastic commission from a client in New York City. A band needed some new headshots with a twist. They needed their headshots done as caricatures, BUT in the style of my favourite caricaturist of all time. He happens to be a chap by the name of Al Hirschfeld. (Sorry Ed Steckley).

I have a huge file of everything he's ever drawn sitting in my studio. I take it out and flick through it any time I want to hate myself a lot.

On this occasion, however, I needed it as a reference.

The reference photos were sent through (below)


The next step was to analyse Hirschfeld's style all day (tough job but someone's gotta do it) and try and emulate him. It was only after an hour that I realised there's no way anyone can truly emulate his style. His choices are genuinely genius. It's more about what 'not' to include than what to include. My final artwork included WAY too many lines, and certainly nothing as wild as his compositions, but I think it did the trick for what the client wanted. Here's how they turned out:


I just completed another commission for another pair of musicians in Las Vegas, and a rabbi in New York in a similar style: