Happy Halloween from New Orleans! (Happy Hall-orleans!)

Well, it's that time of year again. The leaves are turning the colour of the President's cheeks and strangers are walking by each other dressed as slutty superheroes without batting an eyelid. That's right, it's the midterms Halloween!

I'll be spending my Halloween in one of the spookiest, haunted place on earth this week: New Orleans. Nola has one of the biggest and craziest Halloween festivals in the world, and I'm keen to get blotto and wander through it, sketching the madness around me.

From there, Justin Smith and I will head to South Carolina to play a weekend at the Carolina Comedy Club, Thu 1st - Sat 3rd.

I've always been a little bit baffled by how big a deal Halloween is in America. As I wrote soon after moving to the US in 2014"America gets behind Halloween like Australia gets behind literally nothing. There’s no holiday we have that even comes close to the saturation that Halloween gets in the US. Not even Australia Day. Or a Masterchef finalé." Read more...

The shops and pharmacies are packed to the brim with candy and costumes, and who can forget the wonderfully tasteful Halloween costumes available... like, Sexy Ebola Nurse, Sexy Ruth Bader Ginsberg, or my personal favourite...

You can see 2014 Jason chatting at excruciating length to ABC News Breakfast about the phenomenon by clicking below. Or click here to watch.

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Episode #24: Slighted by an Eskimo

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Another cracking episode of Is There Something In This?, discussing things like…

  • Jason gets detained at Heathrow

  • Flying from New York to Melbourne for a football game

  • Ice addict at a parole hearing

  • Golders Green is a sh_thole

  • Halloween Mask Burglars

  • I could sooner organise a robbery than brunch

  • Tragedy Plus Time Equals Comedy (Cellar Appearance)

  • Mushroomdick soup

  • Ernie and Bert-hday New Yorker cartoon

  • Arguing with strangers about the sexual orientation of puppets

  • Querying meal service in detention

  • Inuit Airlines

  • Merlin has written a tell-all parchment

  • Instagrammar Nazi

  • Courtroom Caricaturist

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