Episode #38: MoCap Melania

NEW YORK LIVE PODCAST w/Mystery Special Guest:

April 9th @ Caveat, New York City: Special Mystery Guest Tix:

Welcome back to another episode of Is There Something In This? with your old mates Scott Dooley and Jason Chatfield.

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This week:

  • How much do you tip your hairdresser?

  • One off the wood

  • Tickets for P!nk 

  • Dools is a Redditor

  • Chatto hosts a comedy special taping

  • Subway psychos

  • A sock full of pennies

  • Death Avenue

  • Jason spills water all over his cartoon

  • MoCap #FakeMelania

  • Your porpoise in life

  • Up all night cancelling celebrities

  • I'm not being funny with the grapes

  • Retractually

  • Out of town by EOD

  • Chalk hackery

  • Don't tip him, Mendez

  • How's the poison Gankfish?

  • The tunnel of...

  • OMG don't post that!

  • Cactus break-up

  • Midlife cactus

  • It's not you, it's bees

  • Morgan Beeman

  • A gaggle of praying mantis gag

  • Will podcast for Bitcoin

  • Jason's Mum sends him a picture of Luke Perry


  • A merch idea from @nelsonic

  • Nick Van Breda rags on the Mets

  • Drew Hollway T-Rex poetry night

Bonus Material:

Jason spills water all over his cartoon:

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Send us your best praying mantis gag to win original art!

Every week me and @scottdools get about 10 Praying Mantis gags pitched to the podcast. Below are 5 of mine that I like… There are many, many more. I want you all to pitch your best praying mantis jokes in the comments here. Best ones get read out on next week’s podcast and the winner gets this signed original art.
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Accidental Wash

During the recording of this week's episode, Jason was so hungover he tried to take a sip of water and spilled it all over his cartoon... rendering it a mystery as to what the gag was...

Be sure to tune in to Episode #38: “Mocap Melania” this Wednesday…

Today's New Yorker Daily Cartoon: Mo-cap Melania!

As seen on today’s

On the back of the renewed #FakeMelania conspiracy… hear me and Scott Dooley coming up with this one in this week’s episode of Is There Something In This? below…

divider (1).png

Bonus material!

Here’s the rough I sent in for this toon:

Episode #36: R.I.P. Rocket Simpkins' Wife

Welcome back to another episode of Is There Something In This? with your old mates Scott Dooley and Jason Chatfield.

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April 9th @ Caveat, New York City: Special Mystery Guest Tix:

May 17th @ NCSFest California: Special Guest Bob Mankoff! Tix:

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This week:

  • Dools, the human Skip button

  • Health results on Instagram

  • LaCroix is a place on Earth

  • Shoutout to @SopranosHandGestures

  • Homeless guy Ablutions at the Health Club

  • Dools is block-happy on Twitter

  • Chatto's Jacksonville Wedding Adventure

  • No shirt, No shoes, No Cell Service

  • Life is Black Tie Optional

  • Accidental wrong wedding attendant

  • Vanuatu VS Gold Bullion

  • Synchronized Wedding Dances

  • Cocaine-addled Wedding DJ

  • Put the brisket in the duffel bag

  • I'll shoosh a bitch

  • Mississippi Marriage License

  • Stolen valour wedding crasher

  • Con Air was underrated

  • Superior music listener

  • Obligatory Ellis J Rosen mention

  • Cart before the horse guy

  • Jack-in-the-box as surprised as you are

  • Rambly nonsensical questatements

  • Larry David goes full Larry David on someone

  • Frasier reunion - what's the point? The dog's dead.

  • What's your hashtag?

  • It's getting serious... she's starting to talk about hashtags

  • Obligatory Praying mantis joke

  • Judges getting married

  • Please do not feed the drunk grandma

  • A timely dig at Paul Mercurio

  • Employees must wash hands

  • In Russia, hands wash employees

  • Pre-wedding weigh-in

  • PallBearer VS Ring Bearer

  • and a way-too-detailed pitch for Fast and the Furious 9... featuring Rocket Simpkins...

Suggestions this week:

@PaulCaggegi - Longer lasting rings

@AndyEngel - Polar Vortex Climate Change Screening

@milliechatfieldmusic - "Bit of a strange mood"

@billhopeart_art - Neurotic Dancer, TumbleWilliam, Balloons full of sighs, Clam cabaret

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The Lovely Nineteen-Twenties Flapper Cartoons of Barbara Shermund - The New Yorker

New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly writes in today’s New Yorker about barbara Shermund’s amazing cartoons from the 1920s.

When she arrived in Manhattan, she got wind of a new magazine being started—The New Yorker. It was a humor magazine from the beginning, and Harold Ross was looking to create a new type of cartoon—a more sophisticated and urbane version of what was being published in magazines such as Life and the Saturday Evening Post. Previously, many magazine cartoons were simply illustrated jokes. Ross and his art director, Rea Irvin, sought work that was more nuanced, in which the drawing and the caption were equal partners in delivering the humor and insight. They brought in artists  to work with the editors to create what we now know as the New Yorker cartoon. Shermund was one such contributor.

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