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The Lovely Nineteen-Twenties Flapper Cartoons of Barbara Shermund - The New Yorker

New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly writes in today’s New Yorker about barbara Shermund’s amazing cartoons from the 1920s.

When she arrived in Manhattan, she got wind of a new magazine being started—The New Yorker. It was a humor magazine from the beginning, and Harold Ross was looking to create a new type of cartoon—a more sophisticated and urbane version of what was being published in magazines such as Life and the Saturday Evening Post. Previously, many magazine cartoons were simply illustrated jokes. Ross and his art director, Rea Irvin, sought work that was more nuanced, in which the drawing and the caption were equal partners in delivering the humor and insight. They brought in artists  to work with the editors to create what we now know as the New Yorker cartoon. Shermund was one such contributor.

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Original Art: London Cabbie

On my trip to London last September I made a series of sketches that I’m slowly adding to the store. The one below was of our cabbie in Golders Green in Northern London who seemed constantly panicked- kind of an odd thing for someone who knows every street, alley and route by heart.

The art is only small, done in pen and ink and going for $99 with free shipping* if you sign up to the newsletter.

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