Episode #38: MoCap Melania

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Welcome back to another episode of Is There Something In This? with your old mates Scott Dooley and Jason Chatfield.

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This week:

  • How much do you tip your hairdresser?

  • One off the wood

  • Tickets for P!nk 

  • Dools is a Redditor

  • Chatto hosts a comedy special taping

  • Subway psychos

  • A sock full of pennies

  • Death Avenue

  • Jason spills water all over his cartoon

  • MoCap #FakeMelania

  • Your porpoise in life

  • Up all night cancelling celebrities

  • I'm not being funny with the grapes

  • Retractually

  • Out of town by EOD

  • Chalk hackery

  • Don't tip him, Mendez

  • How's the poison Gankfish?

  • The tunnel of...

  • OMG don't post that!

  • Cactus break-up

  • Midlife cactus

  • It's not you, it's bees

  • Morgan Beeman

  • A gaggle of praying mantis gag

  • Will podcast for Bitcoin

  • Jason's Mum sends him a picture of Luke Perry


  • A merch idea from @nelsonic

  • Nick Van Breda rags on the Mets

  • Drew Hollway T-Rex poetry night

Bonus Material:

Jason spills water all over his cartoon:

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Send us your best praying mantis gag to win original art!

Every week me and @scottdools get about 10 Praying Mantis gags pitched to the podcast. Below are 5 of mine that I like… There are many, many more. I want you all to pitch your best praying mantis jokes in the comments here. Best ones get read out on next week’s podcast and the winner gets this signed original art.
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MAD Magazine: American Education Express!

ITSIT between episodes:
Early Wednesday morning when the huge scandal broke about college tuition bribes, I was racing South, bleary-eyed in the back of an Uber to Red Hook. I had my laptop open, and Scott and I were messaging back and forth about how to tackle the joke for the New Yorker or MAD. At one point Scott observed that the USC mascot/logo was the same-looking guy as the American Express card guy. I said ‘what if it’s the American Express Card with the USC guy but it’s “American Education Express” — never leave home without it.”

The NYer passed on the idea, (opting for an hilarious cartoon by Ellis J Rosen) but we were lucky to have MAD pick it up. I hastily threw together a rough sketch/design in the back of the Uber to pitch it, and the MAD Art Department did their magic on the rest.

Here is the rough:

aaaaaand here is the finished product that ran on MAD on Thursday:

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Accidental Wash

During the recording of this week's episode, Jason was so hungover he tried to take a sip of water and spilled it all over his cartoon... rendering it a mystery as to what the gag was...

Be sure to tune in to Episode #38: “Mocap Melania” this Wednesday…